Shipping Info

Please allow up to 14 DAYS for your items to ship. If you have not received shipping confirmation on the 15th day please contact us! We are unable to provide detailed tracking up until the turn around time has been met. 

If you are unhappy with your item, please email or contact our Facebook page and let us know the issue. We would be happy to resolve the problem! 



$0-25 flat rate of $3.75

$26-75 flat rate of $4.75




  • Once you get confirmation your order has been shipped it means your order was taken SAME DAY to our local post office. We do NOT pre-print labels and your package also doesn't sit in our possession once you get the shipping email! We have to weigh each package when its completed so it is impossible for us to pre-print labels :) Expect that it will be taken to USPS that same day!

Tracking & Shipment Delay Info:

  • If your package isnt moving, states there is a delay or it isnt updating- you will need to contact your local post office!!  (Ask to speak with the postmaster, not a clerk)
  • The post office is in control of your package once it leaves us and is scanned into their system- we have the exact same tracking info as you and cannot tell what is going on or WHY it is delayed. 

Package was scanned as delivered but is not there:

  • Please contact your local post office and ask to speak with the postmaster, not a clerk. They will be able to GPS track your order for you and see where it was delivered to! They will also be able to ask the mail carrier where they put it. Unfortunately we cannot do anything if your package is scanned as delivered but is not there

Damaged Package:

  • Please contact your local post office and keep original packaging as it arrived to you. Unfortunately we cannot replaced items damaged by the post office