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Sophia Jane has been around since 2018, giving us lots of experience in the small shop world. Our customers are our #1 priority, and we hope it shows!

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Meet Mindy & Sophia

In 2018, Sophia Jane was born. Both the little girl and the company behind her. My story began as I started making bows for coworkers shortly after I had my only daughter after 3 boys. My hobby turned into a passion unlike any other. I soon learned how much I enjoy everything that comes along with owning a company. 

I strive to engage myself with customers, empower other women shop owners and create bonds between customers that end in lifelong friendships. 

We enjoy giving back to the Sophia Jane community and have donated proceeds to several different programs in the last 3 years! 

What makes us different is the desire to provide the absolute highest quality products to our customers at an affordable price. Making customers happy is our goal and we value each and every one of you. 


Mindy & Sophia